Teaching Kit

Have you measured your information footprint? "Its larger than you think!!!"

Made by Diwanshi Pandey


This teaching kit is about learning what is information footprint. How a person can measure its size and How a person can minimize it.

Learning objectives

Goal of the session is to make people aware of the following things:

  • What is an information footprint?
  • The fact that they are leaving digital footprints with everything they do (Intentionally/unintentionally).
  • Factors that affect how exposed their information footprint is.
  • How this footprint is affected by the aggregation and mining of data from different sources to judge a person's behavior and make their picture on that basis.
  • Identify which of the ways they leave footprints they can control or minimize.


  1. Introduction to the Session
  2. Interact with your attendees to know what kind of audience they are and how much knowledge about the subject they have
  3. Talk about what Information footprints is. Once they know what it is you can give them real life examples of these stories: Burger King Employee Stands on Lettuce: Busted by Internet and Betrayed by Metadata: John McAfee Admits He’s Really in Guatemala
  4. Demonstrate how they are leaving their footprints using exapmles like Posts and photo tags, Incidental Recordings, Business Records, Public Records, etc. Checkout these apps: Ready or Not?and EXIF Placer
  5. Show this 5 mins video to make them understand how their data is first aggregated & then mined to create a picture of their lives.
  6. Talk about privacy settings & use this teaching kit to make them aware of the ways they can minimize the exposure of their footprints. You can also share this privacy checklist with them.
  7. Additionaly, You can use this worksheet as review questions.